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October Newsletter

October 2013




Beautiful, colorful fall, a refreshing change of pace from the hectic summer. I love summer with all it's heat and hectic activities, but fall   is a slower paced, take in the scenic wonders kind of time. Unfortunately it is a precursor to Old Man Winter! UGH!! From all predictions it is suppose to be a long, cold, snowy one. But then this IS Wisconsin and all of our winters are long, cold and snowy!!!


With all the news being focused on the government shut down, people are fearful and upset. Understandably so. From I can gather, many things will be affected and some will run as smoothly (if I dare even use that word in referring to the government) as before. As for real estate the Federal Housing Administration, which insures about 15 percent of new loans for home purchases, will approve fewer loans for its client base - borrowers with low to moderate income - because of reduced staff. Only 67 of 349 employees will keep working. The agency will focus on single-family homes during a shutdown, setting aside loan applications for multi-family dwellings. The Housing and Urban Development Department won't make additional payments to the nation's 3,300 public housing authorities, but the agency estimates that most of them have enough money to keep giving people rental assistance until the end of October.

BUT NOT THIS: It will be business as usual for borrowers seeking loans guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together own or guarantee nearly half of all U.S. mortgages and 90 percent of new ones. NOT good news! Megan Brantley of WRCB in Chattanooga, TN sums it up best:

"If it goes on for any period of time, it could be really devastating to the real estate industry," said Ryan King, realtor.

King says a shut down will affect both buyers and sellers.

"The sellers won't be able to sell their homes and the buyers won't be able to buy homes," said King.

He says that's because it's going to pump the brakes on several of the working parts, like preventing any mortgages from being approved.

"So many of the loans FHA, VA, USDA, THDA, they're all government backed loans and getting those processed is what's really going to be the slowdown," said K

The other big concern; The IRS won't be open to verify the income of those applying.

"And if there is no IRS open then they can't verify your income and determine if you're even eligible to purchase a home," said King.

As a realtor, King says there is more at stake for him.

"It worries my wallet for sure," said King. "It's a commission based job so if you're not closing on houses, then you're not making any money."

He hopes it comes to a quick close.

"If it just happens for a few days it will be like a hiccup, but if it continues on for an extended period of time, they're going to have a huge back log for processing," said King.

This would leave a lot of home buyers and sellers in limbo.

"You have people that are already under contract with these loans, that have pending sales going on, those are going to be the people affected right now," said King.

This comes under the heading of NEWS WE DID NOT WANT TO HAPPEN!!!

Hopefully both parties will come to an agreement that will benefit all Americans!!!


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Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt


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Enjoy this wonderful autumn and take time to smell the burning firewood, view the spectacular changing colors and let the peace and tranquility of this special time fill your soul.

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