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May Newsletter

May 2014




Is spring ever going to arrive? Here in NE WI it looks doubtful. But we sure have a spring in our step at Fields of Real Estate Sales & Construction. We are busy!!! The Duck Creek Estates lots have been selling fast. There are still opportunities for you to get a beautiful lot of your own. You will have fabulous neighbors!  Home sales have been strong as well. Commercial properties continue to flourish

We need new listings to add to our depleted inventory. If you are thinking of selling, give us a call. If you are buying, we will find the right home for you!

Interest rates are still low, but it is anyone’s guess for how long. Take advantage of the money saving rates now!! A house is most likely your largest expenditure, so you may as well get it for the best price and rate you can. It will save you many thousands in the years to come.

We would like to congratulate Kristy and Craig Pollack on the completion of their newly constructed dream home. It was built by our friends at Schmidt Brothers Builders of Appleton. They did an awesome job! The house is gorgeous and came in on time and budget!!

Kris and her family will soon be moving into their gorgeous new home. Kris was the general contractor and did a fabulous job. See new pictures that will posted on our web site. Call us if you are thinking of building. We have the best connections in the real estate arena.


While you're still deciding where to spend next year's summer vacation, color   forecasters have already predicted what color your bathing suit will be for the year.

Color forecasters are part designer, part sociologist and part predictor. They draw information from the runway, auto manufacturers and the housewares industry; they scour showrooms, trade shows and magazines for trends; they consider what's happening culturally and how this impacts our national mood. Then they take all of that information and translate it into what colors we'll be wearing and decorating with in the next year.

The Colors Are Coming

The housing crisis, ongoing war, historic election and economic downturn have combined to shape Americans' color tastes. We're searching for the color equivalent of mac and cheese: safe, traditional and comforting. But the pops of bright colors, from crimson to acid yellow, suggest that we're ultimately hopeful about the future.

Neutrals are in, especially in larger purchases like cars, sofas or carpet. For those big-ticket items, we'll make the safer choice such as neutrals, from rich gray to camel,. We're using trendier colors, like acid green or amethyst, as accent pieces.

Neutrals continue to flourish, as companions for brighter hues or as standalone, monochromatic schemes.

Chocolate brown is on the wane, but brown is still the go-to color in nearly every industry, from auto manufacturing to fashion to home. The guard is changing, however, as lighter browns begin to make an appearance. We're seeing browns shift to the colors of spices and beverages. Think mocha and cinnamon.

Which neutral might just surpass brown as the favorite? Gray. And it covers a wide range of hues, which span soft gray to charcoal to hematite, and gain interest from metallic and pearlescent accents.

Green continues to gain strength from its association with the growing shift toward eco-consciousness. It will show up in everything from fabrics to accessories to counter tops.

After 9/11 blue surged in popularity. This comfortable, soothing color is associated with dependability, constancy and peace — qualities Americans seek during unstable times. Now every product in the industry uses some type of blue, and many are paired with brown, from chocolate to taupe.

Pink and red are "the colors of causes." Think about the ribbons on our lapels to help raise awareness for breast cancer, AIDS or heart disease. But these sisters in the color family are also making their way into the home.

You'll see red as a bold accent in black-and-white designs; and look for pink in romantic bedrooms, the modern girl's living room or even in the kitchen, from cabinetry to appliances.

Violet came in through the back door, catching fire in the goth trend in high schools (think purple-black T-shirts, eyeliner and fingernail polish). From there it made its way to the runway and now it's lightening as it crosses into the home; popular variations include violet, wine and true purple.

Hot Color Combos


Just as the popularity of single colors waxes and wanes, so does the popularity of color combinations.

Brown and blue has been a favorite for several years and  it will remain a favorite through 2014. But that the brown will be lighter tan, caramel and camel, rather than chocolate.

For the last few years, black and white has been a popular combination in the European market and that it's making its way across the pond. Traditionally it has been seen more in accent pieces, like textiles and wallpaper. Now it may take over entire rooms. Pairing it with hot accent colors like red or acid green for the latest look.

What's Not Selling?

While you'll see elegant gold in designs from traditional to Tuscan, don't look for sunny true yellows in American homes ---though Europeans love them.

Orange is another color that's getting little love, unless you choose corals or an earthy, deep orange. But even then, these are used only as accents.

The trend toward violet, wine and amethyst is edging out soft lavenders or true purples. These colors, which were so popular in the 1980s, have taken a back seat to their bolder cousins.

So if you want to refresh your home, you may want to think painting in some of these trendy colors or combinations. Happy decorating! Happy Spring. 

Enjoy the rest of the month and call us for ANY real estate need or question. We are here to help!!!



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