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August Newsletter

August 2014




Well still not much summer for us here in WI. The Farmer's Almanac forecasts another bad winter! UGH!!! So now is a great time to buy or sell, while we are snow free and not freezing!!

We have been so busy, it is unreal. We had a listing go on the market on a Monday and by Wednesday we had an accepted offer and two back ups! Now that is fun! It proves if you price your home correctly and fairly and it is advertised in the right way ~~~~it will sell quickly. Call us if you want the same results.

We  are working with some new clients who are building, selling vacant lots and commercial properties too. Duck Creek Estates has had phenomenal sales and there are still several choice lots left. Hurry before they are gone!!

We experienced some computer problems last week and as you know, with out computers we are pretty much helpless. To the rescue! Computers Byte of Oshkosh~ located on Bacon Ave, he is conveniently located and  offers FAST repair. Brad Dassey is the owner and computer guru extraordinaire. He can be reached at 920-238-6676, or by email at Brad@computersbyte,net. Check out the business on his web site PLUS his services are reasonable priced. If you need computer help, call Brad.


If you’re a struggling homeowner trying to save your house from foreclosure, beware the latest mortgage-relief scam: Dozens of companies have been accused of falsely promising mortgage relief—while collecting millions of dollars in illegal upfront fees, according to a report in the LA Times.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently filed three lawsuits against eight firms accused of ripping off homeowners. The agency says the companies collected more than $25 million in illegal upfront fees while promising to modify mortgages or prevent foreclosures.

The crackdown on the mortgage-relief scam is code-named “Operation Mis-Modification”.

“These companies pocketed illegal fees, taking millions of hard-earned dollars from distressed consumers, and then left those consumers worse off than they began,” Richard Cordray, the bureau’s director, told the Los Angeles Times. “These practices are not only illegal, they are reprehensible.”

According to the bureau, there are a few red flags that should tip off potential victims. Consumers should be wary of any demands for upfront payments and any guarantee that a modification or other assistance will be obtained.

The Federal Trade Commission also filed six lawsuits, according to the Los Angeles Times. Overall, officials from 15 states—including Florida, Illinois and New York—have filed a combined 32 lawsuits.

So be very careful and deal with local, reputable banks or mortgage companies. We at Fields of real Estate can help you as well. Short sales, hardship letters and dealing with lenders are our specialty in the foreclosure market.

Buying short sales can be frustrating, but sometimes you win a prize. We can help you navigate these waters too. Foreclosures, bankruptcy and auctions are all avenues to get a potential deal. Let us expalin how we can be of assistance.

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

Abraham Lincoln

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.

Chinese Proverb

We are once again running monthly specials for Buyers AND Sellers. In the month of August, we will offer FREE Staging for Sellers and a FREE Computer Tuneup, which will make your computer run faster, by Computer Bytes. Ask us for details.

Have a great August, relax and unwind and make that all important decision to Buy or Sell while rates are great and prices reasonable. By all accounts that will change soon.

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